Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let's Talk a Little Turkey - Turkey Brie & Pesto Sandwich

I don't usually talk sandwiches, cause sandwiches don't really have recipes per se. But I decided that is was time to talk about one of my favorite sandwiches on the planet.

I have a very short list.....

A properly made Reuben
Grilled Sharp Cheddar with a schmear of prepared horseradish (this one is up and coming)
Turkey, Brie and Pesto on Ciabatta
Butter and Radish on Sourdough
and The Gyro

to round out the top 5. I have already covered 3 of these, but I figured it was time to talk Turkey.
Just as the best butter and radish sandwich is made with homemade sourdough, unsalted butter, and the freshest radishes you can find... So too is the Turkey, Brie and Pesto sandwich best on Homemade Ciabatta, with fresh Pesto, triple cream Brie and freshly roasted turkey (which is why I just about live on these things after Thanksgiving).

I will admit, that a fairly delicious variation on this is to drop the Pesto and use Aioli... This can leave you open to using Champignon (Brie with Mushrooms) or Cambazoloa (blue brie). But personally, I prefer the combination of brie and pesto. Cause I am such a pesto freak.

So here we go....

Turkey, Brie and Pesto on Ciabatta

Ciabatta Rolls
Roasted Turkey
Triple Cream Brie

Turn on the broiler.
Slice your Ciabatta roll and spread each half with about 1 TB pesto.

On one half, lay our your sliced turkey.

On the other half, lay out a couple sliced of Triple Cream Brie.

Place on a sheet pan and place under the broiler for about 2 -3 minutes.

(you don't want the Brie to melt completely, just become REALLY soft)

Press the sandwich together, slice in half and enjoy.



Patti T. said...

Shane this looks like it might become my favorite sandwich! What great combinations! I think even though you don't really need a recipe for sandwiches, they truly can be works of art.

Heather S-G said...

mmmmm, I luv a really killer sammie...and this IS one! Looks awesome!

Bob said...

Wow. That looks wicked good. Seriously.

Unknown said...

Im starved and you're not helping me here....wheres mine? LOL Anything with pesto (almost typed pester LOL) is all good!!! yummmies

Spryte said...

I LOVE sandwiches and that looks soooooo frickin good!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin said...

i have to agree that looks awesome

Anonymous said...

had one recent fantastic
also great adding sundried tomato