Saturday, June 15, 2019

Oh Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with "C"..... Unless it's Plätzchen

It's been 5 1/2 years since I have darkened this blog with my presence.   Many things have filled that time; some good, some bad.  But all of those things, whether good or bad, have forced me to step away from a lot of the things that bring me joy---- The main one being conducting research (playing) in the kitchen.

All is not completely lost, however; for though I have been reticent in posting, I have not been remiss in my photographic duties.   So as a preview of things that are forthcoming, hopefully, here is a menagerie of the molded cookies I have been "researching" over the last year.

Cream of Coconut Cookies
(Lily of the Valley mold - Resin)

Maple Sugar Cookie
(Wheat Sheaf mold - Wood)

 Danish Butter Cookie
(Baroque Fruit Mold - Resin)

Frankfurter Brenten
(Rycraft Celtic Mold assortment - Ceramic)

Brandied Orange
(Poinsettia/Clematis mold - Resin)
Chocolate Chipotle Cookies
(Single Acorn, Double Flower, Dahlia, Lotus molds - Resin)

 Iced Lemon 
(Polish Folk Mold - Resin)

 Violet Scented Springerle
(Violet, Honey Bee and Thistle Molds - Resin & Wood)

Traditional Anis Springerle
(Misc. Christmas molds - wood)

Wild Honey Shortbread
(Honey Bee and Honeycomb Molds - Resin & Wood)

Honey & Lemon Shortbread
(Resin Honey Bee mold)

As you can see, I have been a bit busy attempting to master the art of molded cookies (in my spare time, which there seems to be very little of these days)  In the coming months, I hope to post these recipes along with tips on molding as well as resources for said molds in resin, wood and ceramic and a few books that might be helpful if you chose to travel down this path of cookie construction.