Saturday, June 15, 2019

Oh Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with "C"..... Unless it's Plätzchen

It's been 5 1/2 years since I have darkened this blog with my presence.   Many things have filled that time; some good, some bad.  But all of those things, whether good or bad, have forced me to step away from a lot of the things that bring me joy---- The main one being conducting research (playing) in the kitchen.

All is not completely lost, however; for though I have been reticent in posting, I have not been remiss in my photographic duties.   So as a preview of things that are forthcoming, hopefully, here is a menagerie of the molded cookies I have been "researching" over the last year.

Cream of Coconut Cookies
(Lily of the Valley mold - Resin)

Maple Sugar Cookie
(Wheat Sheaf mold - Wood)

 Danish Butter Cookie
(Baroque Fruit Mold - Resin)

Frankfurter Brenten
(Rycraft Celtic Mold assortment - Ceramic)

Brandied Orange
(Poinsettia/Clematis mold - Resin)
Chocolate Chipotle Cookies
(Single Acorn, Double Flower, Dahlia, Lotus molds - Resin)

 Iced Lemon 
(Polish Folk Mold - Resin)

 Violet Scented Springerle
(Violet, Honey Bee and Thistle Molds - Resin & Wood)

Traditional Anis Springerle
(Misc. Christmas molds - wood)

Wild Honey Shortbread
(Honey Bee and Honeycomb Molds - Resin & Wood)

Honey & Lemon Shortbread
(Resin Honey Bee mold)

As you can see, I have been a bit busy attempting to master the art of molded cookies (in my spare time, which there seems to be very little of these days)  In the coming months, I hope to post these recipes along with tips on molding as well as resources for said molds in resin, wood and ceramic and a few books that might be helpful if you chose to travel down this path of cookie construction.



AnnaD said...

I would love to make some of them. I will wait for the recipes and your instructions. These look yummy

Cindy said...

Wow, welcome back! I was surprised and very pleased to find a new post. Looking forward to learning about your molded cookie adventures.

Scott S. said...

SOOO glad to have you back! I'm always doing research on your Corningware411 site and have been disappointed to find no new entries from you. Glad to find a new one here! Hope all is well!

(Beautiful cookies, too, by the way!)

Anonymous said...

I also miss your CorningWare411 blog. Thank you for all of the wonderful information.

Carrol said...

So pretty! So much more work than I'm willing to do...

mlaiuppa said...

Oh, oh, OH! Me want cookie recipes!

I have some Springerle molds from my Mom, plus one or two from House on the Hill.

I also have recipes, a few from my Mom's ancestors, but I really don't like anise. Really. And according to her that is the traditional flavoring. It's usually the flavoring I find in all of the recipes I find as well.

I am really excited for these recipes.

I'm also really glad to see you back. Thanks to you I make awesome guacamole with my seasoned molcajete. Now I'm looking forward to making awesome Springerle with my molds.