Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Great Green Gobs of Guacamole - Avocado Soup with Shrimp

Have you ever had left over guacamole?  OK, I don't ever have any left over either.  But for the sake of argument, let's just say, hypothetically, that you did.  Wanna know something delicious you can make with left over guac?

A delectable cold Avocado soup which is even better when swirled with Creme Fraiche, dotted with Shrimp and sprinkled with Chives.  Sounds pretty good doesn't it?  Yeah, I thought so too, so I actually had to make a 2nd a batch of Guacamole just so I could make this quick and simple soup.  (Cause the other full batch didn't survive)  Honestly, it worked out better, since I dropped the Tabasco and Cumin from this second batch. 

Chilled Avocado Soup

1 cup Guacamole (about 1/2 batch, minus the Cumin and Tabasco)
1 1/4 cup Buttermilk
4 oz Ice Water
8 oz Clam Juice
1 TB Lime Juice
Salt and Pepper to taste
Creme Fraiche
Sauteed Shrimp

Simply place the Guacamole, Buttermilk, Ice Water, Clam Juice and Lime Juice in the blender.

Puree until smooth.

Pour into bowls and swirl with Creme Fraiche, then place sauteed Shrimp on top.

Sprinkle with Chives if desired.


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