Saturday, August 23, 2008

BakeSpace Challenge #3 - Year you Were Born Recipe

The Mission: Re-create a recipe from the year you were born.

Solution: 1969 Flower Pot Bread covered in Hamburger Gravy (Basically SOS)

The most difficult part of this recipe was oiling the 6 terracotta flower pots... I swear I went through 14 gallons of corn oil and they were STILL not properly seasoned... In fact, I had to make rolls twice because the first batch stuck so bad, that it was imperative that the pots were scrubbed down, thus necessitating more seasoning. And so it was, for 2 more days of soaking in oil then baking for 1 hour at 450, let cool and soak again and repeat 450 degree oven, cool down, soak in oil, 450 degree oven, cool down, soak in oil... and repeat, and repeat and repeat... Whew!
I actually dug up an old recipe for Hamburger gravy off the internet - 1969 Armed Forces Recipe Service Card no. L-30
Weight Volume

    Beef, boneless, ground24 lb---
    Flour, wheat, hard
    Pepper, black
    Soup and Gravy base, beef
    2 lb
    4 oz
    4 oz
    1-3/4 qt
    1 tbsp
    6 tbsp
    10 tbsp
    Milk, nonfat, dry
    Water, warm
    Worcestershire sauce
    3 lb 4 oz
    3 qt
    3-1/2 gal

    2 tbsp
Brown beef in its own fat in steam-jacketed kettle or roasting pan. Drain excess fat.
Add flour, pepper, salt, and soup and gravy base to beef; mix thoroughly and cook about 5 minutes until flour is absorbed.
Reconstitute milk; add to beef mixture.
Add Worcestershire sauce; heat to a simmer, stirring frequently. Cook until thickened.
Needless to say I had to pare it down a little as 24 lbs of ground beef was definitely more than I could eat in one sitting.
The Flower bot rolls... Simply a standard Yeasted Dinner Roll recipe.

But the result was delicious.......

MMMM S.O.S. Never Looked so good...

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