Friday, April 9, 2010

Shroomin'..... On a Friday Afternoon....

So, it has finally happened. The weather has cleared up a little bit. No more torrential downpours, no more snow or scattered patches of hail and sleet. The significance of all this?

Pot Hunting!

Yeah, they need a new name for it, but in essence, it means that the ever so elusive Morel, as well as the Half-Free Morels are blooming. I say blooming, because what you see above ground, is actually the fruit (or flower) of the fungus, which resides under the ground.

Yep, when you eat a mushroom, you are actually eating a flower. Trippy, huh?

So my dad and I went on a mushroom hunt. I cannot tell you exactly where, cause it's Super Secret Squirrel stuff. I did manage to take a few photos without giving away any locations, though. I have dubbed this one. "Peek-a-Boo mushroom"

Mushroom hunters are EXTREMELY secretive about their hunting grounds. ;)

Especially since some of them have yet to grow to picking size. At least until next week, when we go back.

We actually did pretty well, though most of what we found were "Half-Free Morels".

But there were a few prizes, as my dad did found a few "True Morels".... These are the big prize.

What is the difference?

Well, the true morel is a sponge mushroom (It's more of a yeast than a fungus) and the "sponge" is completely attached to the stem.

Where as the Half-Free Morel, though it looks similar, and is of the same family has an actual cap that is half way detached from the stem at the bottom. Thus the name.

Sorry, I don't actually have a recipe to share this evening. I just wanted to share my excitement over getting to go hunting mushrooms again. But there are several recipes forthcoming, you can be sure of that. Especially with those "Oh So Prized" Yellow Morels. :)



Max Wood said...

I wonder how many have dropped into this reality from a search of the Internet for "Trippy Mushrooms"

I hope they are not too disappointed, stick around folks, we may be in for a treat with a recipe or two for this yummy Fungii, I sure hope so..

Danielle said...

sooo.....are the false morels edible?

I can't wait to see what you're going to be doing with these shrooms :)