Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy, Happy; Joy, Joy!! - Petticoat Tail Shorbread Mold

Woo HOO!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love eBay? Well, I do. For I have finally, after so many years, been able to procure a Petticoat Tail Shortbread Mold for a reasonable price. Even after having to pay shipping.

Lemme tell ya... 1.99 plus 8.00 shipping is a lot easier on the budget than 35.00 and 10.45 shipping directly from Brown Bag or Hartstone.

I am very excited. So there will be plenty of new Shortbread recipes coming up forth with. Though I am going to have to modify my current 1-2-3 recipe, cause it doesn't seem to work in the mold. I tried it, and it turns out WAY too brown on the edges, and it still tastes floury... So I am altering a few ratios to see what I can come up with.

In the meantime. Let's just talk about mold preparation.

Wash the mold in warm water before first use - I do not recommend soap as the stoneware appears to be similar to the Pampered Chef stuff and soap is a major no-no on this particular type of material.

Apply a thin layer of cooking Spray - I am using Spray olive oil.

Then gently sift either AP flour or White Rice Flour over the surface.

Now it is ready to have dough pressed into it.

The Beauty of Shortbread, is that you will never have to spray it with oil again. That is, as long as your using it for Shortbread, for the butter content is so high that your mold will, afters the initial oiling, stay lubed up for eternity. When you go to bake another batch, simply sprinkle it with more flour and voila!

Complete and Total Cookie Awesomeness is only "25 minutes at 300 degrees" away!


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