Saturday, May 22, 2010

Power of the Powder - Smokin' Chili Powder

Sorry I have not been around since my Sapote post. It didn't poison me or anything. ;) I have just been REALLY busy this last week.

I was watching my Niece and Nephew Friday and Saturday last weekend while my little brother celebrated his wedding anniversary at the beach and then I assisted my Mother at her table in the Antique show on Sunday. Then this last week I have been a little swamped with attempting to get everything ready for the annual Snake River fishing trip that I am finally able to attend after 20 years.

Needless to say, I am pretty darned excited about the Crappie and Trout fishing. The Catfishin will be fun too, but I LOVE Crappie and Trout.

It is tradition that everyone pick a night and cook dinner for everyone. SO, I volunteered to make Chili and Hush Puppies one of the 5 nights we will be there.

My chosen recipe is one I picked up from one of my BakeSpace friends, Spryte. It is for Hector's Chili. I have made it before and it completely rocks. But I am not really blogging about it per se. Mainly because I am going to be at the Snake River cooking over a propane stove and not able to blog about it at that point. But what I AM going to blog about is my secret (though not now) Chili Powder mix. Yep, that's right -- Chili Powder mix.

And when I say Chili Powder mix, I mean powdered chilies all mixed together. No Garlic, Oregano, Cumin or stuff like that (That gets added separately). The advantage to making your own, is that you have complete control; not only of how hot your powder is, but how much smoke, fruitiness or earthiness your chili will have. For instance, Ancho chilies have a mellow heat with more fruit,

while the New Mexico chilies are earthy and significantly warmer.

Then there is my most favoritest chili of all..... The Chipotle. Oh yeah baby! Nice and smoky with a seductively alluring heat. mmmmmmm

Then for those that like a milder chili you can always use more Sweet Paprika,

or for a sweet smoky flavor, use Smoked Paprika.

Wanna blast your taste buds away? Add Habanero or Serrano.

The options are infinite.

This is my Smoky Chili Powder mix. It has heat, but I think it's still on the mellow side. Slightly fruity with earthy hints and all that luscious smokiness to back it up. And I do cheat. I am not roasting my own chilies of anything like that. I simply buy my ingredients pre-ground and mix them up. I always have small amounts of everything left over so I can alter my own mixture if I want to, when adding it to the pot. :)

Schmokin' Chili Powder

42 g Powdered Chipotle
40 g Ancho Powder
32 g Sweet Spanish Paprika Powder
25 g New Mexico Powder
15 g Smoked Paprika Powder
1 g Cayenne Pepper

Simply weigh everything out into a bowl or glass pitcher.

Stir with a fork until well combined, breaking up any lumps.

Place in an air-tight container with a label and store until needed.



DDpie said...

Saweeeeeet! er, uhm, I mean, "that's hot"...oh wait...I meant to say, "that's smokin' hot". Ok, ok, I'm done now. Good stuff!

Spryte said...

Dude I LOVE your chile powder blend!!!! I have several, and often use more than one, but have never made my own blend.
Have fun fishing!!

Unknown said...

This is awesome!! cuz every single time I buy chili powder, it tastes different....grrr