Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Studio 54 Resurrected - Midori Sour

Its 1978. Bell bottom jeans were still in, though they would soon be replaced by peg leg jeans by Jordache and Lawman. Grease was "The Word", but Jaws 2 and Piranha were scaring people out of the water again.

Jimmy Carter signed 2 bills. One authorizing the minting of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, and the other legalizing Home-Brewing of Beer. (Thank God)

Sadly, Harvy Milk is assassinated in San Francisco, but the general population is also breathing a sigh of relief as the Son of Sam is convicted.

Me? I was 9 years old, wearing bell-bottom jeans and being introduced to a dairy goat for the first time (we moved to the farm in late September of '77) My Summer days were drifting away, though I was a little too young for "those Summer Nights". I would be busy catching polliwogs or creating a bow out of string and a vine maple stick.

New York, however, Studio 54 was throwing a launch party for an unnaturally green, somewhat overly sweet, muskmelon liqueur from Japan. Suntory's Midori.

I have mentioned my increasing disappointment, in previous cocktail posts, regarding the lack of skill required to be a bartender now days. The exorbitant prices charged for 2 squirts from a gun containing as many as 8 different high fructose corn syrup laden products. So in the spirit (Ha ha) of saving you from that nasty bottled sweet and sour mix, here is the original recipe for a Midori Sour, using real Lemon, Lime and Soda water. As it originally was made before laziness and profit-philia set in to the local bar scene.

I will admit, this is going to be more sour than what is usually offered at your local "watering hole"; but this can be tempered by the addition of a sugared rim, just like on an Amaretto Sour. This leaves the sugar consumption up to the drinker's discretion. A good practice, but I was making this for a confirmed sour puss ---- Me. So I left it off. :)

Midori Sour

Sugared Rim, if desired.
2 oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
1 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
1 Jigger (1 1/2 oz) Midori
5 oz Club Soda or Seltzer

Fill the cocktail shaker with ice and rim the glass if you like.

Juice the lemon and strain 2 oz into a measuring cup (I know, I should be using 2 ponies, but I was only making one drink and doing it on the fly)

Juice the lime and add 1 oz to the measuring cup. (I removed the zest to save for a Mother's Day project)

Add a jigger of Midori (1.5 oz) to the measuring cup.

Pour over the ice in the shaker, cover and shake until well chilled.

Strain into the cocktail glass.

Pour seltzer up to the rim (about 5 oz), then stir gently with a spoon.

Garnish with a Lemon Slice and a Cherry (which I didn't have)

Deliciously tart, sure to quench your thirst on the hottest summer day!

Cin Cin!!


Patti T. said...

I haven't had Midori in ages. I absolutely love all things tart. This looks perfect to me, minus the suggared rim of course. I have to admit I was a bit sad, looking at all your wonderful pictures, in all our moves, my glass juicer somehow came up missing. I have a darned plastic contraption I hate right now. Hmmmmmm time to go on a hunt, I am sure you can still get glass ones somewhere. I enjoy reading your blog so very much.

Unknown said...

Wheres mine?! Maybe instead of a wine party, we can have a midori sour party...I'll bring the lamp shades ;)