Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chiacchierata di Caffè - Sometimes You Need a Quickie

I mean a shot of espresso... and in this case it's a matter of size. ;)

I don't always want to break out the Moka pot and brew 2-4 shots of the shot o' sacred brew, so I use this handy little 1 Tazza (cup) stove top model for a quick hit of Black Nectar.

Based on the same principals are the Moka pot, this little baby brews a perfect cup of heaven every time. One of the advantages of this pot is that the cup is warmed as you are brewing, alleviating the need for soaking your cup with hot water, as is necessary for a Moka Pot. The process is simple and the results are quick, you can tip back a shot and begin your day. For a day without coffee is a day without sunshine.

Place water in the bottom portion, just up the the pressure relief valve.

Place the filter in and fill....

Then fill with espresso grind coffee, heaping it just a little, but don;t press down.

Screw one the top and grab a demitasse cup.

Place the pot over medium heat and set the demitasse cup under the "faucet" and wait about 3 minutes.

Suddenly this fountain of sultry ambrosia shall spill forth from the spigot......

Enjoy as you like, with sugar, or with a piece of biscotti.... I prefer to shoot it myself, after first having sniffed all the aroma out of the crema. ;)

Cin Cin!!

The demitasse is "Candia", I am assuming that is the pattern name, because everything else on the bottom is written in Greek. I believe it is an Ibex on the cup, though it has a beard which may mean it's a stylized goat (which is fine, I mean I AM a Capricorn after all) but other than that, I have no idea who manufactured it.... It's all "Greek" to me... :)


Dajana said...

Now, this is way cooler. And a very cute cup.

Unknown said...

you have all sorts of really cool coffee makers. i have 3 ways of making coffee....the regular way (black & decker coffee maker), french press except the glass broke so I should just toss that one...and instant. LOL