Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh, Oh, Oh, it's Magic.... Ya Know - Magic Melting Marshmallow Muffins

There are moments in time, when, even though you KNOW it's bad for you, you simply crave something from your childhood and nothing else will do. You absolutely have to have it. You obsess about it. You make yourself crazy, dreaming about it.

Thus it is with these little parcels of marshmallowy goodness that my mom use to make when wer were wee little ones.

Magic Melting Marshmallow Muffins

2 Tubes Pillsbury Crescent rolls (It needs to be Pillsbury, the off brands don't work right)
6 TB Unsalted Butter, melted
1/4 cup Granulated Sugar
3/4 tsp Cinnamon
16 Campfire Marshmallows (Jet-Puffed expand too much)

Place the melted butter in a bowl or Pyrex Pitcher.

Mix the Sugar and Cinnamon, kind of like you would do if making Snickerdoodles.

Set up your "Dredge" station.

Unroll your crescent roll dough onto a lightly floured surface.

Dip a Marshmallow in the melted butter.

Then roll in the cinnamon sugar.

Wrap the Marshmallow in the Crescent roll dough,

pinching it closed to completely encase the marshmallow.

Dip the Whole thing in the melted butter.

Place in a regular sized muffin cup.

Bake for 10 minutes. (Don't despair, no matter what you do, a couple of them will explode)

Try to wait until they cool, though I cannot and I always burn myself.

Look ma! No marshmallow!



Patti T. said...

I had heard of these but had never "seen" them. They look like an awesome idea and one that little helpers would love to make along side us grown ups.

Spryte said...

Those look so cool!!!!

DDpie said...

Hahaha! too cute!

Danielle said...

haha...looks like you're folding a diaper! But omg!! what's inside those diapers is better...err...never mind. Those look amazing! I've never heard of them before. And here I sit with a bag of unopened marshmallows. guess it was destiny :D

Danielle said...
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joylynn4 said...

Kids were having a playdate and it started thundering - thought we were going to have meltdowns here - and then I remembered this recipe of yours that Spryte posted! I let the kids run the entire show - which is probably why every. single. one. of. them. exploded. LOL (well, more of a large monsterous looking oozing than an explosion). These were GREAT though. But next time, I'll wrap them myself.