Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meeska... Mooska.... Mickey Mouse! - The Mickey Mouse Club House

OK, I think I have kept you all on pins and needles long enough.... Especially since my nephew's 2nd Birthday party was today. So it's OK for me to let the proverbial "mouse" out of the bag.

All those Rice Krispie treat bits and baubles were the pieces necessary to construct... Well, I will let the picture speak for itself.

Welcome to the Mickey Mouse Club House!

Originally, we were going to make the whole thing out of cake, but we decided that the head part would be just a little bit too unstable. So I suggested Rice Krispie treats for the ears.... After mulling it over several times, we decided to just use a simple sheet cake base, turn it into Mickey's Front yard and make the club house as an edible cake topper. I think it worked out pretty well....

Though the Rice Krispie Treats were a little on the bumpy side; so I made some crusting butter cream. (I probably should have just left well enough alone, I think I just made more work for myself than was needed - I was "over thinking" it)

Frosted all the pieces and let them dry.

Then smoothed them out with a paper towel.

Then I made a ton of Marshmallow Fondant. (DD! You Totally Rock!)

Divided it and colored it Blue, Yellow, Red and, even though I missed photographing it, Black... I also left some of it white for Mickey's glove.

I also made gumpaste window and door frames as well as a gumpaste slide (though when traveling, the foot fell over and broke the slide) Grrrrrrr.

My big goof-up was that it was all a little too big for the cake....

so Mickey's hand had to be set behind the cake, on the table instead of being ON the cake where it belonged. It was the leg and the foot that were the problem, I made the leg about and inch too long and the foot should have been about 3/4 of the height I made it. Oops!

My brother Chris, Marshall's dad, added all the finishing touches.... graham cracker sand, green coconut grass and some stepping stones, to complete the look.

Marshall, was VERY excited about his birthday cake.

Then the excitement ebbed and he was ready to eat it. LOL



Dajana said...

That is amazing indeed. It happens to me all the time, I mean the wrong proportions, but as long as you manage to fit it on the cake somehow, it doesn't matter.
Excellent job. My daughter also loves Mickey Mouse club house

Patti T. said...

Awwwwww Uncle Shane, what a grand job you did on that cake. In that last picture,is that little adorable guy liking his lips?? What a little darling. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

Spryte said...

WOW!! That is so COOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Cake and Great Uncle!

DDpie said...

Dude you totally rocked it! Amazing! I too love that we get to see the "guest of honor". Thanks for sharing!

DDpie said...

BTW, LOL...the "cones" were FINGERS! HA! I would have never guessed this one. (obviously, I tried, right?)

Danielle said... did an awesome job!!

Anonymous said...

hi thanks heaps for your wonderful ideals. I have just made mickey mouse play house for her 3rd bday and used yummy yummy MMF rocks.