Thursday, March 25, 2010

Something Wicked Awesome, This Way Comes!

This is a Hot Air Popper. One of the greatest inventions of the 80's as far as I am concerned. Granted, they did start appearing in the late 70's, but we didn't get one until about 1981, I think.

Sadly these noisy machines have been replaced by the convenience of pre-packaged Microwave popcorn. (Which always seems to smell like toasted dirty socks) Needless to say, I don't eat much microwaved popcorn.

But all is not lost, for if you have one of these little gems hiding in the back of your cupboard, you are in luck! For this tired old piece of machinery can be given new life! So pause a moment and stay your hand before condemning your West Bend "Poppery" or Proctor Silex "Popcorn Pumper" to spend eternity in a landfill.

On the other hand, if you still have those super-long "down to your knees" sweaters, or even worse, parachute pants, please feel free to dispose of them in lieu of the Air Popper. After all, some things from the 80's should be left to pass quietly into oblivion. ;)

Stay tuned.

I know, that was pretty vague. But trust me, your gonna LUV this..... It's Wicked Awesome!



Bo said...

I think I might have one stashed somewhere.

Bob said...

My parents had one of those, my mom thought it would be good for all my sisters intermittent dieting. Can't wait to see what you're up to!

Unknown said...

OK, you've got me curious...of course you've also got me coughing since I choked on my coffee laughing when I got to the parachute pants comment. What I think is funny is how many people have no idea that you can make popcorn on the stove. It's one thing never to have done it, but to not know you can is do they think it was done pre-Jiffy Pop and microwave?

Martha said...

Oh, don't tease us like this! I have a Westbend that I actually use quite a bit (you mean they're passe and I didn't even know it? Sure, next you'll tell me to get rid of my platform heels!) I'm dying to know what you're going to make!! Hurry, Please!