Sunday, August 29, 2010

Piña Coladas and Gettin' Caught in The Rain

It has been hot... Not just hot, but unreasonably hot. On top of that, being Western Oregon, it has been humid. I find this weather uncomfortable, to say the least. Not that I am really complaining, since it hasn't topped 100 like San Diego, but I am no longer use to the humidity after being in the drier heat of Southern California for 13 years.

When the mercury rises and your clothes become soaked as you "swim" through the air, nothing can bring relief faster than that quintessential cocktail of Puerto Rico... The Piña Colada. Pineapple's bright acidity pairs perfectly with the sweetness of cream of coconut and Puerto Rican style rum. And hey, who doesn't like a big old slice of fruit and an umbrella sticking out of their drink on occasion? Go on! It's "fun". So take a load off, hide in the shade and let the waves of the Caribbean wash over you.

I prefer not to blend my Piña Coladas, cause I don't do blended drinks, as they become watery WAY too quickly. Thus it is that I make my own mixer, and freeze it, to be added to copious amounts of rum at a later time. The Cream of Coconut contains glycerol, thus it will not freeze completely solid, leaving the mixture in a sort of softish sorbet state. Once the Rum is added, it melts just enough to chill the rum and remain frosty without being overly "icy". It's like a big adult slushy.

This recipe, supposedly the original concoction as created by Ramon Marrero at the Beachcomber Bar in 1954, (about the time Coco López - "Cream of Coconut" makes an appearance on the scene) makes enough "mix" for 2 Piña Coladas.

Piña Colada

12 oz Pineapple Juice - Canned
6 oz Coconut Cream (Coco López is traditional, but I used Coco Reál)
3 oz White Rum, preferably of the Puerto Rican Style

Pour 6 oz of Pineapple juice into a lidded bowl.

Add the 6 oz of Cream of Coconut and stir with a spatula to combine.

Stir in the remaining pineapple juice, then cover and place in the freezer for about 12 hours.

Shake the mixture occasionally during the 12 hour period.

Before mixing and serving, grab a Hurricane glass and place it in the freezer for at least 10 minutes.

You will have to mix the cocktails individually unless you have a HUGE shaker or intend on using a pitcher and stirring.

So, in a shaker, spoon 9 oz of the Pinapple/Coocnut mix.

Add 1 1/2 oz White Puerto Rican Rum (I use Bacardi for this)

Then, shake, shake, shake, shake.

Pour into the chilled Hurricane glass.

Garnish with a Pineapple chunk (preferably) or a Maraschino cherry (or both).

And if you are so inclined.... Add an Umbrella or Palm Tree... LOL

Sit back and enjoy immensely.

Ahhh Perfect! Now if it would only rain. ;)

Cin Cin!!

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Patti T. said...

I am on your side, I hate watered down drinks, yours is a fantastic idea to get a nice refreshingly cold drink minus the watery stuff at the bottom of the glass. Thumbs up on this one.