Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spiderman Episode III - Spidey Gets Lit

In this, the final installment of the spidey saga, we find our hero, tossed in a box and transported to the far away land of Aliso Viejo.
Where..... (Queue sinister music)

Spidey Gets Lit

That right, but before spiderman was transported to Aliso Viejo, he got dusted. I figured since spidey's outfit/costume/uniform or whatever you want to call it, is made of spandex or some such type of material, it should have a little shine. So I had purchased Royal Blue and Christmas Red Luster dust (This was why a good Crusting ButterCream was so important).

So, super soft paintbrush in hand, a little luster dust was applied to the stars of the uniform.... (it doesn't really show up in the pictures at all, but I tried, in 2 different lighting conditions)

I should reveal that I had attempted to make Spiderwebs using a recipe that ddpie posted for me on the BakeSpace Forum....
It was a recipe for Gummi Bears, so I tried to reduce the un-flavored gelatin, hoping that would make it more flexible. But it was an exercise in folly... For with less gelatin, it was so runny that it was pooling as soon as it came out of the squeeze bottle... I tried waiting a little longer, but as it cooled, it just became clumpy & gloppy...
So I gave up and simply ate the mistakes... (The mistakes DID taste good; just like a gummi bear; which I will have to remember for the future)

At this point, sans webbing, our hero was transported to Aliso Viejo, and lit...

Mmmm Good Cake!!!!

And thus ends the tale of our hero....

The End!!!

I know, kind of anti-Climatic wasn't it...??



Bob said...

Nice! I want a Spiderman cake! Or any cake for that matter right now, this post has made me hungry. ;)

DDpie said...

It turned out AWESOME! The colors are spot on too, great job. Sorry the web stuff didn't work out, we'll have to work on that. Looks like it met the b-day boy's approval, ey?