Friday, May 8, 2009

When Chimpanzees Dream - Bananas Brûlée

I am not really big on bananas. Part of it is due to the plethora of artificial banana flavored products on the market, including ice cream and Popsicles. Although I think the one that freaks me out the most is Banana nut coffee.

I tend to be a coffee purist anyway, taking mine with a simple addition of half and half to foster what I call a "Paper bag brown" color. But I can understand most flavors, such as Irish Cream (sans alcohol) and Chocolate (mocha from your coffee pot) and even Vanilla (which reminds me of a Latte for some reason). But when it comes to flavors like Cinnamon Bun, Creme Brûlée , and of course the afore mentioned Banana Nut, I would much rather have the actual Cinnamon roll, ramekin of Creme Brûlée or slice of Banana Nut bread NEXT to, not IN, my coffee. Yes, there are "empty calorie" concerns, however, personally, I think I would rather have the empty calories than the artificial chemical flavorings. Besides, If the Banana Nut bread is IN my coffee, where am I suppose to put the butter? It just becomes too confusing for me in the morning when I am trying to caffeinate myself into a state of coherence.

The previous tangent is actually related, trust me. For even though I am not big on bananas, as I said before, there are 3 banana-centric dishes that cause me to drool uncontrollably.
  • Banana Nut Bread (it HAS to have nuts)
  • Bananas Foster (Oh yeah!!)
  • Bananas Brûlée
Yes, Bananas Brûlée. Surprisingly simple, yet OH SO delicious, especially with Chocolate or Coconut ice cream, Chocolate Silk Pie, or Coconut Creme Pie.

It's not so much a recipe as it is a method of preparation. You will need the following......

Green Bananas (They hold up better, the same is true of Bananas Foster)
Demerara sugar (You can use Washed Cane or "Sugar in the Raw" - Its the crystal size you need)

Yep, it's that simple as far as the ingredients are concerned. Now, you will need 1 important piece of equipment.

A Kitchen Torch

Yes, we get to play with fire!!! Yoo Hoo!!

Take your green banana and peel it.

Slice it in half length-wise. You can leave it this way for a banana split, or cut each length in half, creating 4 quarters.

Dip the cut side in Demerara sugar.

Ignite the torch (Insert Tim Allen Chimpanzee/Gorilla/Orangutan noises here)

Apply the flame to the sugared side of the banana, holding the torch at least 3 inches above the surface.

Pass the torch back and forth slowly until the sugar begins to "Melt" and brown into a hard caramel coating. Let cool for about 30 seconds before handling.

Apply Brûlée Bananas to your favorite dessert. (do not let them sit or the sugar will draw moisture and become soggy)

Tonight, I chose Chocolate Gelato with hazelnut chunks, not exactly Gianduia, which is very finely ground hazelnuts mixed with the chocolate, like Nutella, but delicious none the less.

(I wanted Coconut, but they were out)

I believe this is the ultimate purpose of evolution. No longer must I eat raw bananas, as my proficiency with tools and mastery of fire allows me to take the banana to a new level of deliciousness!

Make mine Brûlée. ;)

Creme Brulee on Foodista


Bob said...

Holy crap, I have to make that for my girlfriend. She loves bananas. And sugar. Heh.

Unknown said...

mmm...I'd love to try that but playing with fire (other than the flames on my stove) scare the crap out of me LOL

Dajana said...

Dang, you sure know how to please yourself. That's an awsome dessert

Spryte said...

What an awesome addition to dessert!!!!